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Brand Builders is the market leader because we understand the keys to a stunning, successful event – and we execute accordingly.  Brand Builders contracts our staff using Shannon Roberts’ 5-pillars scale, ensuring top-quality talent, who are then segmented by channel.  We emphasize brand –and category – knowledge, affording a variety of Professional Development opportunities. Event marketing is part art, but it’s a lot of science.  We apply very real precision to our execution and then measure the effectiveness and sales results of our staff.  Accountability is key.  A performance-based pay system is the backbone of our compensation to our team, and no event marketing company employs a team of managers who are more engaged and dedicated to our overall commitment to excellence.

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Performance Based Pay

A truly exceptional staff is our hallmark and the basis of our stellar reputation.  In order to consistently reinforce the importance of top-level performance, Brand Builders established a performance-based pay system.  This isn’t a new concept; it’s part of our corporate culture.  Consistently top-performing talent earn more. Perhaps it’s a simple concept, yet the benefit of even the most-seasoned of our event professionals understanding that each and every assignment must be be exceptional in order to achieve (or even maintain) the preferred rate CANNOT be overstated.

The number 1 agency in Maryland, DC, Virginia and Delaware.

State of the art tracking

With our cutting-edge data platform, you'll know exactly what's selling and when the best times are to promote your brand, everywhere in the market.

Photos of every event

Great photography tells the story of your events and brand activations. We document every interaction in the market for you.

Coverage across the region

From the mountains to the ocean, or the entirety of 95 corridor and both Beltways, Brand Builders has you covered with amazing staff.

We have you in mind

Brand Builders approaches the client relationship in a different way: we think LIKE A SUPPLIER.

Consulting and great ideas

Brand Builders management will, depending on the nature of the event, participate in pre-event meetings and walk-thrus in order to ensure the success of our clients events. Further, we offer set-up services, which include delivering promotional and merchandising materials as well as manufacturing award-winning displays.

Our clients LOVE our team

All you have to do is ask clients who use us. They all say, "Brand Builders is the best". Take a look at some of our testimonials below for a sample of how our clients rave about us.


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the numbers don't lie

You have choices when it comes to promoting your brands. At the end of the day, what matters most is results. Our team has been focused on being the best in the market from day one. It's what makes us different, and it separates us from the competition.

State of the Art

Responsive, Custom Built, Flexible

Our cutting edge software platform keeps you in the loop with your brands performance with Brand Builders. You'll know what accounts are the most successful, what times work best, and you'll see the results with clear and concise reporting. You'll have photos of each event in your inbox from our system, and you'll know exactly what kind of impact was made, each and every event. With STiLETTO, you'll always be ahead of the curve.

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Shannon Roberts

Brand Builder - in - Chief

Shannon Roberts earned a reputation for excellence in promotional and event marketing. She believes there's a very real discipline to achieving success in this industry. For nearly eight years she cultivated a team of elite models, who promoted two of the hottest brands in the liquor industry: Jagermeister and Grey Goose Vodka. Juggling multiple brand and hundreds of models comes naturally to Shannon. She started her career in the advertising industry, where managing demanding clients, like America Online (AOL), honed her sophisticated approach to a dynamic and demanding professional environment. Now, as "Brand Builder-in Chief," she adeptly designed a promotional marketing company that is responsive to client requests, rewarding to its personnel, and dedicated to excellence.

We Love What we do!

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What they say

Thanks for all that you do to make this process easier.  I now spend maybe an hour a week on tastings, vs the 8+ hours a week I previously spent chasing down tasting schedules.  Once I send you a request I know that I can forget about it and you will make sure everything is covered.  I really appreciate it! Thanks! 

Roy Cutshaw

Republic National Distributing Company

I wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU for helping get things set up for the event.  The gentlemen who basically runs Blackheath Beverage was on site and personally wrote me a message this morning to say how well she did.  It was immediately followed by a request to do more events.  That's how it is done! Please pass along our praises and express our gratitude.   Great job ladies.

Jon Miller

All In Marketing

(Stephanie) is without a doubt the most well prepared model I've worked with. She knew the product, she was on time and extremely nice and professional.  Thought you should know.  Thanks and have great weekend!

Tim Vrabel

Breakthru Beverage

Thanks for all your efforts this summer.  I can honestly say there is 100% confidence when you and your team are involved on a project. So thank you for always being consistent and efficient, it has been a breath of fresh air!

Pat Belanger

Breakthru Beverage

The presell / tasting event at Fishpaws Friday night was very successful.  Just want you to know that my sales rep that helped work the table said your rep did a phenomenal job. Wanted to pass the compliment along.

John Davis

Breakthru Beverage

I just wanted to reach out and let you knowI have never worked with an agency where someone has cared so much about the success of an event than I have with your team (specifically in this instance, Stephanie).

Kristi Linn


I haven't done a promo in awhile but if this is how you guys follow up with the sales force, I am very impressed and excited. This makes sure nothing falls thru the cracks... Again thank you very much!!

Tim Beere

Republic National Distribution Company

The event was superb. The taster sold out by 6pm. The account and myself are extremely pleased. Happy Thanksgiving,

Rob Schafer

Republic National Distribution Company

Good to meet you as well Shannon, top notch job done last night! Hopefully our paths will cross again.

Bob Hendrickson

Executive Vice President, Republic National Distribution Company

I want to thank you, Shannon, for how seamless your invoicing process is. Brand Builders is, without a doubt, the easiest promo company to receive, approve and submit invoices for. Thank you for making my job just a little bit easier!

Megan Flynn

Republic National Distribution Company